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The Giving Garden Foundation is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit, founded by four Gloucester residents, Melisa Wamsley, Allen LaRoche, Stephanie Stewart, and Karin Fary, on August 16th 2008 who have participated in numerous National Advocacy fundraising events and realized the dire need for cancer patient advocacy on a local level. Our mission is to provide financial assistance to cancer patients residing in Gloucester and Mathews Virginia and to bridge the gap between existing resources and patients' unmet needs by providing an online database of other local, state and national resources. 


While we are not medical professionals, we are the loved ones of those who have been affected by cancer.  Some have won their battles and sadly, many, have lost.  It is from these very personal experiences that we draw strength and commitment to helping our community in their time of need. No one should ever have to decide between keeping a roof over their head, lights on and food on the table or if they should pay for a prescription or treatment.  Nor should they be faced with these worries when they are facing the battle of their lifetime. 


Our Board of Directors is comprised of individuals who have committed to donating and dedicating their time, talents and skills to manage our Foundation. One of the driving principles behing the creation of the Giving Garden was to ensure that the majority of our proceeds go to actual patient assistance. 

Karin Fary

Co-Founder & President





Melanie Hamilton

Vice President

Heather L. Smith


Melissa Johnson






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